Department of Personell training and Zoology popularization

The Department of Personell training and Zoology popularization is responsible for training and promoting zoological knowledge and it’s research.

Involve as many people as possible in zoology and conservation issues.


The department works closely with various media outlets, for which press releases are issued and press conferences and interviews with the organisation’s staff are held.

One of the main activities of the department is the management and promotion of the Institute on social media: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Together with the Institute’s many staff members, the department creates content, communicates with subscribers in every way, shares information on the Institute’s events and activities, and finally monitors the Institute’s reputation in the media, social media and any other web-based information platforms.

Since 2022, the department has organised an Extramural Zoological School for middle and high school students. The programme of the school offers courses on topics such as animal behaviour, ecology, evolution, taxonomy, systematics, etc.; the practical part of the education takes the form of field trips. At the end of the year the Zoological School also hosts a zoological conference, where students present the results of their first scientific research.

The Department of Personell training and Zoology popularization creates and maintains various websites that promote the goals and objectives of the Institute, including the organization’s main website and the websites of academic journals published by the Institute of Zoology:

The Department of Personell training and Zoology popularization is responsible for managing a wide range of IT services to support the Institute’s research activities, including the maintenance and management of the Institute’s IT infrastructure – servers, networks, development, implementation and maintenance of the Institute’s databases.

The Department of Personell training and Zoology popularization is responsible for the creation of printed products with photographs, images of animals and popular science information about animals. Materials created by this department are used in classrooms and distributed at events such as fairs, festivals and conferences. In addition, these materials can help raise awareness about endangered species or promote initiatives to protect the environment.

Создание печатной продукции.

Создание печатной продукции.

Finally, the department organises research internships for academics. These internships provide opportunities for the Institute’s researchers to gain insight, knowledge and experience at various cutting-edge scientific institutions around the world. In this way, the training of early-career professionals will produce a new generation of internationally sought-after scientists.