Laboratory for arachnology and other invertebrates

The Laboratory of Arachnology and Other Invertebrates was reconstituted in 2021 as a separate division of the Institute of Zoology.

The main fundamental directions of the laboratory are the study of fauna and systematics of spider-like animals, as well as other groups of invertebrates (molluscs) inhabiting the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and neighboring states. Besides the laboratory is actively engaged in studying of applied aspects of biology, ecology, and practical value of spiders, namely: 1) importance of some groups of arachnids (Aranei, Scorpiones, Solifugae) as venom-producers; 2) role of blood-sucking mites in circulation of various zoonotic transmissible infections in natural foci and development of ecologically safe methods of their control; 3) development of methods of complex and environmentally safe methods of agricultural invertebrate control.

In recent years, the mollusc collection has been recreated and the spider collection is being restored. An inventory of the fauna of these groups in different regions of Kazakhstan is being carried out.

Mesobuthus eupeus
Latrodectus tredecimguttatus female
Olivierus tarabaevi
Evippa sp
Lycosa praegrandis male