Scientific Secretary

Tukenova Zulfiya Aidunovna – candidate of biological sciences, speciality 03.00.27 – soil science.

In 2002 she defended her PhD thesis on the topic: “Influence of soil and environmental conditions on the mesofauna of soils of Zailiisky Alatau”, speciality 03.27.00 – soil science.

Tukenova Z.A. is a well-known specialist in the field of ecology and environmental protection, is engaged in development of biodiagnostic and indicative indicators of anthropogenic-disturbed ecosystems. She developed methodological manuals “Ecology, Biogenic Elements and Public Health”, “Know and Comply with Environmental Legislation”, a memo to the population “Home Ecology”, and also co-authored the Ecological Map of Almaty Region. She successfully combines teaching and methodological, training and organizational, scientific and educational work among students.

Currently, she conducts classes at the Department of UNESCO and Sustainable Development, Faculty of Geography and Nature Management KazNU named after al-Farabi for students majoring in 5B060800 – Ecology and undergraduates specialization “7M05209 – Geoecology and Nature Management”.

Tukenova Z.A. takes an active part in various international scientific conferences, meetings and seminars on actual modern problems of ecology, condition of soil cover, conservation and reproduction of soil fertility in Kazakhstan.

She has made reports at republican and international conferences: Kishinev, Suzdal, Saint Petersburg, Albena (Bulgaria), Spain (Sitges), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Portugal (Lisbon).

Tukenova Z.A., was a member of the Commission on organization and monitoring of subordinate scientific organizations of biological profile of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

She is a member of the Dissertation Council on Doctoral thesis “Conservation of Natural Resources” at the Kazakh National Agrarian University.

  1. Since 2001-2005 she was the executor of research works on applied researches “Development of scientific basis for agro-ecological monitoring on irrigated lands in the south and south-east of the republic on the basis of long-term stationary experiments with fertilizers” (Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan).
  2. Since 2005, responsible executor of the project “Environmental Education”. Client The Department of Natural Resources and Regulation of Nature Management of Almaty oblast. (Akimat, Almaty oblast).
  3. Since 2006-2008 she was the responsible executor of the project “Development of scientific basis for biological identification of soil contamination by heavy metals in different systems of fertilization in the agrocenoses of south-east Kazakhstan”, performed under the state order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan “Biological basis for science-based technologies for health, agriculture and environmental protection.
  4. With 2009-2011 gg was the co-director of the project “Mesofaunal and enzymatic activity of the main types of soils of vertical zonality of the Northern Tien Shan and the possibility of using them as bioindicators”, performed under the state order of the MES RK Laws of functioning of biological systems – the basis of innovative technologies for medicine, agriculture and environmental protection.
  5. With 2011-2014 years, the co-leader of the project “Study of the impact of tailings Koshkar-Ata to the ecosystem of the adjacent areas” 1 and 2 stages, commissioned by the State Institution “Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management of the Mangistau region” (Akimat of the Mangistau region).
  6. From 2012-2014 co-director of the project “Ecological assessment of the impact of anthropogenic factors on the mesofauna of soils of Pavlodar Pre-Irtysh region and the development of bioindication and indicative indicators” under the budget programme: 055 “Scientific and/or scientific and technical activities”, subprogram 101 “Grant funding of scientific research” of the MES RK.
  7. From 2015-2017 co-director of the project “Development of physical, chemical and biological basis for parameters of monitoring of anthropogenic impacts in the system of modern agriculture zone of irrigation and rainfed south-east of Kazakhstan” under the budget program: 055 “Scientific and / or scientific and technical activities”, subprogram 101 “Grant funding for research” of the MES RK.
  8. Since 2018 the head of the project “Ecological and agrochemical assessment of soil fertility and efficiency of fertilizers in the foothill zone of south-east Kazakhstan” under the state order for the implementation of scientific and (or) scientific and technical projects under the budget program 217 “Development of Science”, subprogram 102 “Grant financing of scientific research” of MES RK.
  9. For her scientific achievements Tukenova Z.A. included in the book of Life in Science, Scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2012) and in the magazine “Pearl of Kazakhstan” 2020.
  10. Over the period of scientific activity Tukenova Z.A. published more than 70 articles, including articles in the editions recommended by COSCON, including more than 12 articles in top-rated journals of Web of Science and Scopus. She has a patent for a utility model.