Completed projects

«Population and conservation status of the Turkestan lynx (Lynx lynx isabellina Blyth, 1847) in the Kazakh part of the Northern Tien Shan».

Junior Researcher of Institute of Zoology and PhD-student of the Department of Biodiversity and bioresources of Al-Farabi KazNU Nazerke Alimkyzy Bizhanova received a research grant in 2019 from Rufford Small Grants. This project focused on studying population status, identification of threats for conservation of the rare Eurasian lynx subspecies – Turkestan lynx (Lynx lynx isabellina Blyth, 1847). Bizhanova Nazerke took the initiative to study this rare cat, and began this project as a team leader.

Photo trap image. Turkestan lynx (Lynx lynx isabellina)
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