In order to exchange experience, develop international cooperation and our research capabilities in the scientific project “Assessment of bioresources in the Kazakh part of the Irtysh basin under conditions of transboundary water resources use and climate change” we attracted a foreign scientific consultant Sofia Stepanovna Barinova – Associate Professor and Head of the Laboratory of “Algal Ecology and Biodiversity” at the Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa, Israel.

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The Institute of Zoology held a conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the organization

As you know, at our Institute on April 13-16th a conference “Zoological research in Kazakhstan: results, problems and perspectives” was held, it was devoted to the 90th anniversary of the Institute of Zoology. The work of the conference, in which about 210 specialists participated, was held in 7 sections, 3 round tables and plenary sessions during 3 full days. All in all more than 140 reports were made (working languages – Kazakh, English, Russian), including 14 plenary ones. And that’s not counting more than 120 participants who took part by correspondence with the publication of articles.

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Athene noctua

Happy International Bird Day – April 1

Today, April 1, is International Bird Day, a day dedicated to protecting feathered birds and drawing attention to their vital role in nature. Birds are exceptionally interesting members of the animal kingdom and one of the groups of animals that humans encounter on a daily basis. In honor of Bird Day, we will hold several events to get better acquainted with them.

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