History of the Laboratory of Hydrobiology and Ecotoxicology

The Laboratory of Hydrobiology and Ecotoxicology as a structural subdivision of the Institute of Zoology was formed by merging the laboratories of hydrobionts ecology, radiobiology and anthropogenic monitoring group in 1997.

The Laboratory of Hydrobiota Ecology (originally called the Laboratory of Aquatic Animals) was established in 1964 under the leadership of Alexandra Sergeevna Malinovskaya, PhD in Biology, Hydrobiologist.

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History of the Laboratory of Parasitology

The Laboratory of Parasitology was created in 2006 by merging two laboratories, general parasitology (supervisor D. M. Zhatkanbaeva) and parasitocenology and malacology (supervisor B. Shaykenov), which, in turn, at different times united 6 former parasitological laboratories.

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History of the Entomology Laboratory

The Entomology Laboratory was established in 1946; its first head was Professor A. S. Kosmachevsky. Initially 2 researchers (A. I. Petrov, L. A. Yukhnevich), a graduate student (L. S. Pashina), and a laboratory assistant (G. V. Palamarchuk) worked in the laboratory besides him. Kosmachevsky studied cricket biology, Petrov studied apple moth, Yukhnevich studied blister beetles, and Pashina studied wild bee fauna and biology.

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History of the Paleozoology Laboratory

There are many riches stored in the bowels of the Earth. Among them, there are some that are difficult to evaluate in the language of numbers. These are “living rocks” or fossils – the remains of plants and animals that inhabited the Earth many millions of years ago.

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History of the Laboratory of Ornithology and Herpetology

The Ornithology Laboratory is the oldest scientific division within the structure of the Institute of Zoology. A group of ornithologists – L.M. Shulpin, M.A. Kuzmina, S.L. Snigirevsky, and I.A. Dolgushin – was formed as part of the Zoological Section of the Kazakh Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences back in 1932. The first head of the section of birds in 1932-33 was S.I.Snigirevsky, and from 1933 to 1967 the section (since 1946, the Laboratory) was headed by I.A.Dolgushin, who is rightly considered the founder of ornithological research in Kazakhstan.

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Лаборатория териологии

History of the Theriology Laboratory

The Laboratory of Theriology is one of the oldest in the Institute, organized in 1944 (in 1946-1962 it was called Laboratory of Zoogeography and Ecology of Mammals, and in 1963-1989 – Laboratory of Mammals). Great merits in its organization and development of researches on the study of animals inhabiting the republic belong to the late Doctor of Biology A.V. Afanasyev and Corresponding Member of the KazSSR Academy of Sciences A.A. Sludsky.

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