Happy International Bird Day – April 1

Today, April 1, is International Bird Day, a day dedicated to protecting feathered birds and drawing attention to their vital role in nature. Birds are exceptionally interesting members of the animal kingdom and one of the groups of animals that humans encounter on a daily basis. In honor of Bird Day, we will hold several events to get better acquainted with them.

Aquila nipalensis

Together with KazNPU named after Abay, Almaty Zoo, Municipal Scientific-Methodical Center of New Technologies in Education and Kazakhstan Association of Biodiversity Conservation we have started a competition of bird drawings for school children of 1-8 grades. The submitted works will be judged solely on originality and artistic merit. The winners’ drawings will be published on our social media pages, among others.

Athene noctua

Our scientists will actively participate as jurors and consultants also for other contests held by KazNPU on April 3-13:

  1. Exhibition-competition “Bird’s Nest”, students of 2-3 courses of Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abay. Our ornithologist Ekaterina Akenteva will help assess the “correctness” of the nests.
  2. Poster contest “The Future of Birds of Kazakhstan”, 2-3 year students of pedagogical universities of the country (online).
  3. The competition “With love about the birds,” students of pedagogical universities of the CIS (online).

All this week on our pages we will publish a series of posts under the hashtag #birdsday2023 with information about birds, inhabiting the territory of Kazakhstan with their photos, made by our staff.

Charadrius dubius

On April 5 there will be a broadcast of the scientific seminar “Face to face with evolution: morphological principles and ontogenetic mechanisms of adaptation of vertebrate craniums”, where interesting facts about birds will also be presented. The workshop will be led by our guest Abzhanov Arhat (Imperial College London, Natural History Museum)

And as the final event, on the 7th April, there will be an educational lecture “Zyrtkysh kustardy ushu kesinde anyktau tasilderi” in our Zoology correspondence school. Lecturer: doctoral student of Ornithology laboratory Berdikulov Bekzhan.

Photocredit: Vasiliy Fedorenko

Corvus cornix
Fringilla coelebs
Fulica atra
Glareola pratincola
Pelecanus onocrotalus
Recurvirostra avosetta
Tringa totanus