In order to exchange experience, develop international cooperation and our research capabilities in the scientific project “Assessment of bioresources in the Kazakh part of the Irtysh basin under conditions of transboundary water resources use and climate change” we attracted a foreign scientific consultant Sofia Stepanovna Barinova – Associate Professor and Head of the Laboratory of “Algal Ecology and Biodiversity” at the Institute of Evolution, University of Haifa, Israel.

Sofia spent a busy two weeks together with domestic researchers – she determined the composition of phytoplankton in the Irtysh River basin, organized a seminar for algologists at the Institute of Geological Sciences, gave a lecture on “The role of studying algal diversity in Kazakhstan under conditions of climate and environmental change” at the Institute of Botany. At the events held with the participation of S.S. Barinova, hydrobiologists of the Institute of Zoology, staff of the Institute of Botany and the Kazakhstan Academy of Applied Ecology participated.

S.S. Barinova also conducted several practical sessions with the staff of the Laboratory of Hydrobiology and Ecotoxicology, including E.M. Argynbaeva and G.J. Ormanova. The young scientists gained skills in studying planktonic algae and practical experience with modified methods of algology research.

We express our deep gratitude to Sofia Stepanovna Barinova for her valuable contribution to the joint research collaboration. Her expertise and exchange of experience helped to expand our knowledge, and her mentorship and practical lessons were incredibly useful for our young scientists.

Photo of Barinova S.S. with some participants of the lecture
Barinova Sofia Stepanovna
Practical workshop on algology
Lecture at the Institute of Botany
Lecture for hydrobiologists at the Institute of Botany
Training of hydrobiologists of the Institute . In the photo Barinova with Argynbayeva and Ormanova