Winter census of ungulates in “Altyn-Emel”

In early February 2022, employees of the Institute of Zoology took part in the annual winter count of ungulates listed in the Red Book of Kazakhstan – gazelles, argali and kulans in Altyn-Emel National Park.

Results of the inventory showed that population of these ungulates is in a stable state: 5308 individuals of goitred gazelle, 176 individuals of argali and 3611 individuals of Asiatic wild ass. Compared to last year there is a slight increase. These figures indicate that wildlife conservation in Altyn Emel SNNP is still at a good level.

The Institute of Zoology studies gazelles on the territory of Almaty region in the framework of the SOS IUCN IUCN Save Our Species project, together with our partners – Snow Leopard Foundation, Marwell Wildlife, Wildlife Without Borders – Wildlife Without Borders – Kazakhstan.