About Institute

Mission: We develop Kazakhstani zoological science by gaining new knowledge about the animal world in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in other parts of the planet.

Vision: Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a leading world-class scientific organization in the field of fundamental and applied zoology in the legal form of RSE on PCV.

The main activity of the Institute of Zoology: obtaining new knowledge about the current state of the fauna of Kazakhstan, establishing patterns in the dynamics of the population of invertebrates and vertebrates, depending on the state of the environment; as well as the taxonomic diversity of faunas of ancient geological eras and the scientific justification for the implementation of the results in the practice of geological services of the republic; the study of evolution, phylogeny, taxonomic diversity of the modern and ancient wildlife, and the scientific rationale for the introduction of new effective developments based on scientific research; solving zoological problems of socio-economic and environmental importance; use of relevant scientific achievements in the Republic of Kazakhstan.